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Fish Processing

Fish Processing

Every year is divided in two catching seasons; starting from the winter season, roughly from October to March, when sardines are caught (lat. Sardina Pilchardus) it continues until September when anchovies are caught (lat. Engraulis Encrasicolus).

Sardines are frozen in blocks (tunnel) and individually (I.Q.F.)

Anchovies are frozen, marinated and salted.

In the fish processing industry in order to have a good product of high quality, first and foremost, we must secure high quality raw material. The best fishing grounds for small pelagics are located in the open Adriatic, in the vicinity of outer islands, where the sea floor is rocky, the sea crystal clean and the fish is of superior quality.

Our fisherman use purse seiners, using lights at night to gather the fish. After being caught the fish is removed from the sea and stored alive in tanks containing a mixture of cold sea water and ice, to achieve the “shock“ effect. Fish treated in this manner retains its freshness longer. By establishing a cold chain SHIP-FACTORY, a very high quality of the fish is ensured. The same fish will be then transported and processed in a short period of time.
Upon the arrival of the truck at the factory, the fish is stored in the storage area for fresh fish or is directly dispatched for production. If the fish is mixed by species and sizes, then it passes through a fish sorting machine.
After that, the fish is processed in two ways: by salting or by freezing.

The construction of a new facility on the same site has recently been completed and this new plant will present a significant increase in the processing capacity.