When tradition becomes delicacy...

Arba Sol – Salted Anchovy Fillets

The ARBA SOL line somehow combines semi-processed and final products resulting from salting and filleting small pelagic fish from the Adriatic Sea in the production facility “Arbacommerce”.

Most of the fish is salted in barrels, it matures and is exported as a semi-processed product or is used to produce fillets for the subline Adriatic Delight.

Salted anchovies salted in cans are used for the fillets for the subline Premium Quality.

Our salted product is prepared with great attention to every detail, it is carefully cleaned and rinsed from the salt, it is dried and packed in a very attractive packaging that does not hide the product but it shows the fillets in all its beauty.

Premium Quality

Large anchovies, mostly caught in the Adriatic open sea, accounts for only a small fraction of the annual catch of pelagic fish in the Adriatic Sea.

The quantity of the small pelagic fish caught in the Adriatic open sea is so small that it deserves the title of king’s delicacy attractive to the eye as well as to the palate. It can be offered without any doubt even to the most demanding expert, to the most important guest or to give it as a gift to a person we want to satisfy in a special way.

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Adriatic Delight

Although the size in the moment of the catch does not satisfy the requirements for the Premium quality product, the fish intended for this subline of products deserves our attention because the quantity of salt used for its processing is carefully measured and the fillet is processed with the same care to ensure that the product remains an attractive morsel for every gourmand.

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Arba Sol

The Alpha and the Omega of good and desirable salted fillets, of course, is a lata (can) of well salted anchovies. In the lata “Arba Sol”, in perfect harmony, lays a layer of fish and a layer of salt, witnessing the creation of our Premium Quality.

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